Boarding Facility

We offer boarding for dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs and even the occasional bird or snake! We welcome all breeds big and small, young and old. We are experienced in special needs and medical care for dogs and cats from diabetic injections to simple pill administration.

We Board Dogs In Red Deer. Like This Little Guy!

Clean and Modern

Our facility is modern and professionally designed with a side for large dogs, separated small dog side and designated cat room. Our dog boarding is set up with individual runs for each family or individual dog. In each run there is a dog door that allows the dogs to go inside and out all day long from 7:30 am until 8:00 pm. The large runs are 4.5x8 feet inside and 4.5x10 feet outside. The small dog runs are 3x8 feet inside and 3x10 feet on the outside. We have indoor and outdoor play areas and each day everybody gets out for a play, run, fetch and special care. We provide each dog and cat with the attention they need.

All the Comforts of Home and More!

Our animals are provided 24/7 music therapy as well as in-floor heating for the winter months. We provide stainless steel dishes for your pets as well as water all day and night. We are attentive to your animals and provide face washes and baths when needed. Daily schedules and routines are customized to your pet’s regular routine. We ask that you bring in your own food and are encouraged to bring in any extras for your pet from treats, toys, beds, kennels and chewies.

Boarding Requirements

We required all of our animals to be up to date on their vaccinations. In regards to young puppies, as long as your vet has okay’d their stay and they are up to date on their vaccinations we would be more than happy to have them stay with us! We ask that you bring a copy of your pet’s update vaccination records. We do require that all pets are dewormed and have flea and tick preventative treatment. All new dogs must be spayed or neutered unless under 1 year of age.

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Dog Required Vaccinations

Cat Required Vaccinations

Boarding Prices

Small Dog

Small Dog                                 

2 Small Dogs Sharing a Run

3 Small Dogs Sharing a Run

4 Small Dogs Sharing a Run 






1st Cat                              

2nd Cat

3rd Cat

XL Large Cat Condo





Large Dog

Large Dog                            

2 Large Dogs Sharing a Run

1 Large + 1 Small Sharing a Run

2 Large + 1 Small Sharing a Run

1 Large + 2 Small Sharing a Run 






X-Large Dog

1 X-Large Dog                        




Please Note: We determine small dogs to be 20lbs or less. 3 Large dogs should not be sharing a run. Three large dogs together from the same owner will receive a discounted rate of $30 a day per dog.

Check in: The first day you check your pet in is the first day you pay for.

Check out: If you pick your pet up in the morning you aren’t charged for that day. If you pick your pet up in the afternoon you are.

Deposit Prices



Please Note: All deposits are non-refundable, non-transferrable and forfeited at the time of cancelation.

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